Volume 4, Summer 2006


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Editorials                                                                                                                     9
B. K. Wiederhold, G. Riva, S. Bouchard


From SIT to PTSD: Developing a Continuum of Care for the Warfighter                 13
B. K. Wiederhold, M. D. Wiederhold

Virtual Standardized Patients for Training Health Professionals on Chemical and  19
Biological Agent Exposures
D. L. Sticha, M. J. Roy, D. E. Olsen

Coping with stress using Virtual Reality: a new perspective
D. Villani, A. Preziosa, G. Riva


The use of a visible and/or an invisible marker Augmented Reality System for       33
the treatment of phobia to small animals
M. C. Juan, D. Joele, C. Botella, R. Baños, M. Alcañiz, Ch. van der Mast

Randomized Controlled Trial of CBT with Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy           39
for PTSD
M. J. Roy, W. Law, I. Patt, J. Difede, A. Rizzo, Institute K. Graap, B. Rothbaum

Efficacy of Sensory Integration Treatment based on Virtual Reality - Tangible        45
Interaction for Children with Autism
K-E. Jung, H-J. Lee, Y-S. Lee, J-H. Lee

The Usefulness of Virtual Reality Stress Inoculation Training for Military                 51
Medical Females: A Pilot Study
M. C. Stetz, R. M. Wildzunas, B. K. Wiederhold, T. A. Stetz, M. P. Hunt

The virtual classroom: An ecological version of the continuous performance          59
test – A pilot study
G. Moreau, M-C. Guay, A. Achim, A. Rizzo, P. Lageix

A study of Active Navigation and Object Recognition in Virtual Environments         67
J. Hahm, K. Lee, S-L. Lim, S-Y. Kim, H-T. Kim, J-H. Lee


Optic Flow With a Stereoscopic Display: Sustained Influence on Speed of             73
W. A. Powell, S. Hand, B. Stevens, M. Simmonds

Simulation-based training of communication and emotional competence for the     79
improvement of physician-patient relationship
L. Anolli, A. Vescovo, A. Agliati, F. Mantovani, V. Zurloni

Sexual presence as determined by fractal oculomotor dynamics                             87
P. Renaud, S. Chartier, M-P. Bonin, P. de Courville Nico, J. Proulx, J-L. Rouleau,
L-G Cournoyer, P. Fedoroff, J. Bradford, S. Bouchard

Physiological and Momentary Assessment for Identifying Tobacco Use Patterns    95
P. J. Jordan, L. W. Jerome, N. Faraj

Implicit Learning of an Embedded Regularity in Older Adults using a SRT             103
Reaching Task in a Virtual Reality Medium
R. Martini, L. Aquilino, S. Buissé, A. Dumais, V. Pion,
E. St. Rose, H. Sveistrup, D. M. Ste-Marie

Presence: Head Mounted Display vs. Translucid Screen                                        111
P. Gamito, D. Morais, J. Oliveira, L. Gamito, M. Anastácio

Evaluation of Group Performance in a Mediated Environment                                117
L. W. Jerome, P. J. Jordan, N. Faraj

Changes in P300 Amplitude in Smokers in Response to Cigarette-                        127
Craving Cues
K-W. Jang, J-S. Lee, B-H. Yang, J-H. Lee

Smokers’ attentional bias to smoking-related cues in eye movement                      131
S-M. Kwak, D. L. Na, GHo Kim, J-H Lee

Low-Cost Telerehabilitation Using Force Feedback Joysticks                                  137
H. Sugarman, J. Tiran, A. Weisel-Eichler, E. Dayan

Reaching out to the youth suffering from idiopathic tinnitus via the Internet             145
J. Baribeau

Sexual Preference Classification from Gaze Behavior Data using a Multilayer        153
S. Chartier, P. Renaud, S. Bouchard, J. Proulx, J. L. Rouleau,
P. Fedoroff, J. Bradford

Application of Virtual Reality-Cue Exposure Therapy for Reducing Alcohol             161
H. Kwon, J. Choi, S. Roh, B-H Yang, J-H Lee


Evaluating the Interaction of Blind Learners with Audio-Based Virtual                     167
J. Sánchez, M. Zúñiga

Generic virtual reality treatment applied to space-related phobias                           175
F. Znaidi, I. Viaud-Delmon, R. Jouvent

Virtual Therapy in Patients with Depression. Preliminary Observation                     181
V. Chirină, M. Ilinca, R. Chirină, M. Bîscă, G. Chele

Abstracts from CyberTherapy 2006, June 13-15, 2006, Gatineau, Canada             187