Volume 1 - Summer 2003

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Editorials 7

B.K. Wiederhold, G. Riva


Exploring the Potentials of Robotic Psychology and Robotherapy 9

E. Libin

The Disappearance of Computing in Health Care 13

G. Riva


The Construction of an Online Virtual Reality Treatment System 19

M. Alcañiz, C. Botella, R. Baños, C. Perpiñá, B. Rey, J.A. Lozano, V. Guillén, F. Barrera, J.A. Gil

The Creation of V-STORE 29

C. Lo Priore, G. Castelnuovo, D. Liccione

Smoke and Mirrors: A Virtual Reality Debunking Environment 37

S. Brown

Persons and Their Artificial Partners Robotherapy as an Alternative Non-Pharmacological Treatment 45

A. Libin

The Importance of the Virtual Market and the Modification of Drug Scenarios 53

M. Leoni, F. Schifano, S. Rawaf, F. Rovetto, H. Ghodse


A Pilot Study of a Thought/Facial Controlled Robotic Arm for Brain Injured and Quadriplegic Persons 64

E. P. Doherty, C. Chen, B. Adams, C. Bloor, J. Rizzo

Tactile Illusion in a Real Hand Evoked by a Synchronous Visual Stimulus on a Virtual Hand 67

J. Ku, W. Cho, K. Kim, B. Kim, W. Hahn, J.H. Lee, S. M. Lee, I.Y. Kim, S.I. Kim

Visual Stimulation: Non-Pharmacological Pain Relief 73

M. Tse

Virtual Reality as a Psychosocial Coping Environment 77

I. Tarnanas, I. Tsoukalas, A. Stogiannidou

Combining Virtual Reality Experiments with Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Initial Work Assessing Human Spatial Navigation 83

J. Graham, G. Quintin, R. Mraz, J. Hong, K. Zakzanis

Three Studies Using an fMRI Compatible Virtual Reality System 99

S. Baumann, C. Neff, S. Fetzick, G. Stangl, L. Basler, R. Vereneck, W. Schneider


Designing Virtual Worlds to Treat Social Phobia 111

E. Klinger, I. Chemin, P. Légeron, S. Roy, F. Lauer, P. Nugues

Virtual Reality for Psycho-Neurological Assessment and Rehabilitation 121

G. Riva, M. Alcañiz, L. Anolli, M. Bacchetta, R. Baños, C. Buselli, F. Beltrame, C. Botella, G. Castelnuovo, G. Cesa, S. Conti, C. Galimberti, L. Gamberini, A. Gaggioli, E. Klinger, P. Legeron, F. Mantovani, G. Mantovani, E. Molinari, G. Optale, L. Ricciardiello, C. Perpiñá, S. Roy, A. Spagnolli, R. Troiani, C. Weddle

Abstracts from CyberTherapy 2003, January 19-21, 2003, San Diego, CA, USA 129