Volume 20 - Summer 2022


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Preface   v

Brenda K. Wiederhold and Giuseppe Riva


Metaverse Creates New Opportunities in Healthcare     3

Brenda K. Wiederhold and Giuseppe Riva

Critical Reviews

Where do we stand? An overview of reviews regarding the current status of virtual reality applications in alcohol use disorder   11                                                                                             

Alexandra Ghita 


Biofeedback interventions using immersive virtual natural environment: A scoping review     17

Elena Sajno, Federico Dagostin and Pietro Cipresso 


Evaluation Studies

The relationship between computer-game-type preference and personality traits, moral foundations and self-regulation among young adults    25

Liubov Glinkina and Victoria Vasilenko 


Inspiring awe in high school teachers: Design and preliminary test of a virtual training in AltspaceVR    31

Alice Chirico, Francesco Serafini, Marta Pizzolante, Roberta Malvezzi, Elena Gianotti Carolina Micucci, Eliana Manduca, Clelia Carvelli, Federica Vago, Martina Renda, Edoardo Cascio and Andrea Gaggioli 


Positive technology for emotion regulation: a virtual self-help intervention    37

Clelia Malighetti, Daniela Villani, Luca Bernardelli, Federica Garbarino, Sara Maestri, Stefano De Gasperi and Giuseppe Riva 

Technology as a daily resource for Italian college students during the lockdown period. A qualitative study     41

Claudia Carissoli, Claudia Redaelli, Giuseppina Bernardelli, Luca Negri and Antonella Delle Fave 


Usability and Users’ Experience of EXecutive-function Innovative Tool (EXIT 360°)     47

Francesca Borgnis, Francesca Baglio, Lidia Uccellatore, Giuseppe Riva and Pietro Cipresso 

Venturing through storm and stress. A virtual reality app for the assessment of Emotional Sensitivity   53

Ilaria Maria Antonietta Benzi and Pietro Cipresso 

Training mentalization in virtual reality: an experimental treatment for children   59

Francesca Locati, Ilaria Maria Antonietta Benzi, Pietro Cipresso and Laura Parolin 

Original Research

Covid-19 Lockdown in Italy as a Potential Transformative Experience: A Pilot Study   69

Alice Chirico, Marta Pizzolante, Sofia Bastoni, Elena Gianotti, Matilde Scarcina and Andrea Gaggioli 


Cyberintervention on plant workforce’s mental activity for safety      71

Elena Sajno, Michele Maisetti, Roberto Luongo and Pietro Cipresso

360° immersive photos and videos, an ecological approach to memory assessment    77

Francesca Bruni, Valentina Mancuso, Chiara Stramba-Badiale, Luca Pieri, Giuseppe Riva, Pietro Cipresso and Elisa Pedroli 


Gesture based word (re)acquisition with a virtual agent in augmented reality: A preliminary study   83

Manuela Macedonia, Joachim Greiner, Claudia Repetto and Selina Wriessnegger  

Clinical Observations

An innovative solution for an integrated evaluation of Executive Dysfunctions   91

Francesca Borgnis, Francesca Baglio, Federica Rossetto, Giuseppe Riva and Pietro Cipresso 


Parent-child dysfunctional communication about sexting: The role of parental characteristics and parental mediation     97

Michal Dolev-Cohen and Tsameret Ricon

Investigating Virtual Reality technology acceptance by patients: preliminary results from a TAM-based model   103

Sandra Morelli, Giuseppe D'Avenio, Mirko Rossi and Mauro Grigioni

Live-chats in postvention: an analysis of interventions with people bereaved by suicide    109

Lorenza Entilli and Sabrina Cipolletta

ANTaging: a Research Protocol for Active Navigation Training with Virtual Reality in Mild Cognitive Impairment   115

Cosimo Tuena, Silvia Serino, Elisa Pedroli, Pietro Cipresso, Marco Stramba-Badiale, Giuseppe Riva and Claudia Repetto 



Understanding the relationship between Traumatic experiences and Compulsive Internet use through the lens of mentalization: A mediation analysis   121

Francesca Borghesi, Pietro Cipresso, Christian Franceschini, Fanny Guglielmucci and Alessandro Musetti 

Work In Progress

Digital Career Guidance Technologies: Using Augmented and Virtual Reality   131

Valeriia Demareva, Irina Petrova and Marina Zhukova 


Testing a music-based virtual reality intervention for upper limb motor rehabilitation in post-stroke hemiparetic patients   135

Alice Cancer, Claudia Repetto, Alessandra Maietti and Alessandro Antonietti