Volume 6 - Summer 2008

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Editorials 7

B. K. Wiederhold, S. Bouchard, G. Riva


A Second Life for Telehealth: Prospects for the Use of Virtual Online Worlds in Clinical Psychology 13

A. Gorini, A. I. Fasano, A. Gaggioli, C. Vigna, G. Riva


Neuropsychological Assessment of Attentional Processing using Virtual Reality 21

T. Parsons, A Rizzo

Extending the Media Equation to Emotions: an Approach for Assessing Realistic Emotional Characters 27

A. Beck, B. Stevens, K. Bard

Implementation of FACS for Synthetic Characters for Use in Studying Facial Expression Recognition by Survivors of Childhood Cancer 33

R. Hubal, N. Evens, D. P. Fitzgerald, K. Hardy, V. W. Willard, M. Bonner

Supporting Low Ability Readers with Interactive AR 39

A. Dünser

Initial Results from the ViRTICo Trial: Virtual Reality Therapy and Imaging in Combat Veterans 47

M. Roy, J. Francis, J. Friedlander, L. Banks-Williams, R. G. Lande, P. Taylor, J. Blair, M. Vythlingam, J. McLellan, W. Law, I. Patt, J. Difede, A. Rizzo, B Rothbaum

Effects of Different Virtual Reality Environments on Experimental Pain Rating in Poststroke Individuals with and Without Pain in Comparison to Pain Free Healthy Individuals 53

S. Shahrbanian, M. Simmonds

Technostress: a Research Study about Computer Self-efficacy, Internet Attitude and Computer Anxiety 61

F. La Paglia, B. Caci, D. La Barbera


Factors Affecting Cyber Café Addiction in Undergraduate Students in Taiwan 69

H.J. Yang, J.S. Lay, Y.-L. Lay

Italian Bloggers’ Stories: Their Personalities and Interpersonal Relationships Quality 77

G. Ferraro, B. Caci, F. Conti, M. Di Blasi, M Cardaci

Presence, Immersion and Cybersickness Assessment through a Test Anxiety Virtual Environment 83

P. Gamito, J. Oliveira, P. Santos, D. Morais, T. Saraiva, M. Pombal, B. Mota

The Implementation of a Graphic Mode Phenome Learning System for the Hearing Impaired 91

Y.-L. Lay, J. S. Lay, H.-J. Yang

How Ethically we Practice Online: an Exploration of Potential Online Provider Liability 97

K. Holmes

Virtual Reality Gaming 103

K. Kott, G. De Leo, K. Lesher, E. Brivio, S. Morrison

Virtual Justina: a PTSD Virtual Patient for Clinical Classroom Training 111

P. Kenny, T.D. Parsons, C.S. Pataki, M. Pato, C. St-George, J. Sugar, A.A. Rizzo

Mobile Blind Inclusion through Science Learning 117

J. Sánchez, F. Aguayo


BlindAid: a Virtual Exploration Tool for People who are Blind 126

O. Lahav, D.W. Schloerb, S. Kumar, M. Srinivasan

Customizing Pain Management Technology to Meet Child and Clinical Needs 134

K. Miller, S. Bucolo, E. Patterson, B. Kipping, R.M. Kimble

Virtual Reality on Mobile Phones to Reduce Anxiety in Outpatient Surgery 140

J.L. Mosso, A. Gorini, S. Senties, G. de la Cerda, G. López, V.L. Vaca, G. Riva

Stroke Rehabilitation using the Rehabilitation Gaming System (RGS) 146

M. S. Cameirão, S. Bermúdez i Badia, E. D. Oller, P.F.M.J. Verschure

Pain Control during Wound Care for Combat-related Burn Injuries using Custom Articulated Arm Mounted Virtual Reality Goggles 152

C. Maani, H. Hoffman, P. DeSocio, M. Morrow, C. Galin, J. Magula, A. Maiers, K. Gaylord

Abstracts from CyberTherapy 2008, June 23-25, 2008, San Diego, CA, USA 157