Volume 8 - Summer 2010

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B.K. Wiederhold, G. Riva, and S. Kim


Hands, Tables and Groups Make Rehabilitation Awesome! 3

M. Annett, F. Anderson and W. Bischof

Intersubjectivity as a Possible Way to Inhabit Future Cyberplaces 7

C. Galimberti, E. Brivio, M. Cantamesse and F. Ibarra

Virtual Reality Adaptive Stimulation of Limbic Networks in the Mental Readiness Training 11

K. Ćosić, S. Popovíc, I. Kostović and M. Judas

Interreality in the Management of Psychological Stress: a Clinical Scenario 16

G. Riva, S. Raspelli, F. Pallavicini, A. Grassi, D. Algeri, B. Wiederhold and A. Gaggioli


Neuropsychological Testing Through a Nintendo Wii® Console 22

L. Gamberini, S. Cardullo, B. Seraglia and A. Bordin

Influence of Tracking Feedback in User Motor Response in Rehabilitation Therapy 26

S. Albiol, J. Gil-Gómez and M. Alcañiz

Virtual Reality in the Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorders 31

A. Gorini, F. Pallavincini, D. Algeri, C. Repetto, A. Gaggioli and G. Riva

Effect of the Mood Produced by Virtual Reality Exposure on Body Image Disturbances 36

M. Ferrer-García and J. Gutiérrez-Maldonado

PDA Self-Register System for Eating Disorders: A Study on Acceptability and Satisfaction 41

A. Cebolla, E. Oliver, R Baños, C Botella, I.Zaragozá, M Alcañiz, Moliner, R., J.H. Marco, M. Jonquera , V. Guillen

Development of a Computer Based Symmetry and Arrangement Symptoms Measures in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder 43

D. Roh, K. Kim and C.Kim

Using Virtual Humans to Alleviate Social Anxiety: Preliminary Report from a Comparative Outcome Study 46

G. Robillard, S. Bouchard, S. Dumoulin, T. Guitard and E. Klinger

eBaVir, Easy Balance Virtual Rehabilitation System: a Study with Patients 49

M. González-Fernández, J. Gil-Gómez, M. Alcañiz, E. Noé and C. Colomer

Multimedia Holistic Rehabilitation Method for Patients After Stroke-Efficiency Analysis 54

R. Wcislo, K. Probosz, J. Kitowski, R. Slota, J. Otfinowski, A. Sobczyk and M. Pisula

Internet Delivered Images for Exposure in Specific Phobia, Design Considerations for Self-directed Therapy 58

K. Kirkby, A. Matthews and J. Scanlan

Virtual Reality Interoceptive Exposure for the Treatment of Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia 61

M. Pérez-Ara, S. Quero, C. Botella, R. Baños, S. Andreu-Mateu,

A. García-Palacios and J. Bretón- López

Use of Immersive Virtual Reality for Treating Anger 65

S. Miyahira, R. Folen, M. Stetz, A. Rizzo and M. Kawasaki

Accessible Virtual Reality Therapy Using Portable Media Devices 69

S. Bruck and P. Watters

Executive Functions in a Virtual World: a Study in Parkinson’s Disease 73

G. Albani, S. Raspelli, L. Carelli, F. Morganti, P. Weiss, R. Kizony, N. Katz, A. Mauro and G. Riva

Presence, Involvement and Efficacy of a Virtual Reality Intervention on Pain 78

J. Guitierrez Maldonado, O. Guitierrez-Martinez, D. Loreto, C. Peñaloza and R. Nieto


Analysis of Visual Perception Aspects of the Virtual Reality Experience with Transcranial Doppler Monitoring 84

B. Rey, M. Alcañiz, V. Naranjo, V. Parkhutik and J. Tembl

Using Robotics Construction Kits as Metacognitive Tools: a Research in an Italian Primary School 88

F. La Paglia, B. Caci, D. La Barbera and M. Cardaci

Implementation of the Multiple Errands Test in a NeuroVR-supermarkets: a Possible Research 92

S. Raspelli, L. Carelli, F. Morganti, B. Poletti, B. Corra, V. Silani and G. Riva

The Moderating Role of Need for Cognition on Excessive Searching Bias: a Case of Finding Romantic Partners Online 96

W. Chiou and M. Yang

Efficacy of Virtual Reality in Triggering the Craving to Smoke: its Relation to Level of Presence and Nicotine Dependence 99

O. García-Rodríguez, M. Ferrer-García, J. Gutíerrez-Maldonado,

I. Pericot-Valverde and R. Secades-Villa

Training Presence: The Importance of Virtual Reality Experience on the “Sense of Being There” 103

P. Gamito, J. Oliveira, D. Morais, A. Baptista, N. Santos, F. Soares, T. Saravia and P. Rosa

Chapter 26. Analysis of Distributed-Collaborative Activity During Augmented Reality Exposure Therapy for Cockroach Phobia 107

M. Wrzesien, Jean-Marie Burkhardt, Mariano Alcañiz Raya, Cristina Botella and Juana Maria Bretón López

Understanding the Psychological Motives Behind Microblogging 112

L. Qiu, A. Leung, J. Ho, Q. Yeung, K. Francis and P. Chua

Learning: Impact of Activity According to the Retention Delay 115

G. Wallet, H. Sauzéon, J. Rodrigues, F. Larrue and B. N’Kaoua

SNSs Usage Among Chinese Internet Users: An Empirical Study 119

J. Shi and Q. Niu

The Illusion of Presence Influences VR Distraction: Effects on Cold-Pressor Pain 123

K. Cabas-Hoyos, O. Gutierrez-Martinez, J. Guiterrez-Maldonado

and D. Loreto

The Effects of Augmented Reality on Learning 12

K. Hsiao

Indoor Orientation and Mobility for Learners Who are Blind 131

M. Sáenz and J. Sánchez

The Use of Virtual Reality for a Human Classical Conditioning Procedure 135

O. Gutierrez-Martinez, J. Gutierrez-Maldonado and D. Loreto

Teaching Tactical Combat Casualty Care Using the TC3 Sim Game-based Simulation: a Study to Measure Training Effectiveness 140

T. Sotomayor

Visual Properties of an Object Affect Time to Target in VR Reaching Tasks 144

V. Powell, B. Stevens, S. Hand and M. Simmonds

Psychophysiological Indicators of Acute Stress Disorder 148

D. Kozaric-Kovacic


Presence is Just an Illusion: Using fMRI to Locate the Brain Area Responsible to the Meaning Given to Places 154

S. Bouchard, J. Talbot, A. Ledoux, J. Phillips, M. Cantamesse and G. Robillard

Contributions of Functional Magnetic Resonance in the Field of Psychological Treatments with Virtual Reality 157

M. Clemente, B. Rey, M. Alcañiz, J Bretón-López, I. Moragrega, R. Baños, C. Botella and C. Ávila

Sounding Better: Fast Audio Cues Increase Walk Speed in Treadmill-Mediated Virtual Rehabilitation Environments 161

W. Powell, B. Stevens, S. Hand and M. Simmonds

Multi-Modal Memory Restructuring for Patients Suffering from Combat-Related PTSD: a Pilot Study 165

M. Steen, W. Brinkman, E. Vermetten and M. Neerincx

Effectiveness of Brief VR Treatment for PTSD in Warfighters: a Case Study 169

S. Miyahira, R. Folen, H. Hoffman, A. Garcia-Palacios and K. Schaper

A Myoelectric-Controlled Virtual Hand for the Assessment and Treatment of Phantom Limb Pain in Trans-Radial Upper Extremity Amputees: a Research Protocol 173

A. Gaggioli, A. Amoresano, E. Gruppioni, G. Verni and G. Riva

Combined Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) and Robotic System for Wrist Rehabilitation After Stroke 176

X. Hu, K. Tong , R. Li, M. Chen, J. Xue, S. Ho and P. Chen

Chapter 44. Lean on Wii: Physical Rehabilitation with Virtual Reality and Wii Peripherals 181

F. Anderson, M. Annett and W. Bischof

Therapeutic Games to Improve Attachment Capabilities and Protect Sexual Health 185

K. Beier, K. Rebensburg and M. Behrmann