Volume 21 - Summer 2023


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Brenda K. Wiederhold and Giuseppe Riva 

Section I. Editorial 

Navigating the Ethical Crossroads:  Bridging the gap between Predictive Power and Explanation in the use of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine   3 

Giuseppe Riva, Elena Sajno, Stefano De Gaspari, Chiara Pupillo, Brenda K. Wiederhold 

Section II. Critical Reviews 

1.  Affect Dynamics through Virtual Reality   11 

Francesca Borghesi, Vittorio Murtas, Marta Pizzolante, Alice Chirico and Pietro Cipresso 

Section III. Evaluation Studies 

2.  Prediction of Emotional States from Partial Facial Features for Virtual Reality Applications   17 

Itaf Omar Joudeh, Ana-Maria Cretu, Stéphane Bouchard and Synthia Guimond 

3.  Integrating User Typing Experience and Writing Layout into Text-to-Scene Generation Process: Proposition of a Workflow   22 

Lionel Laloum and Alain Lioret 

4.  Detection of Break in Presence in Full Body Illusion Using Machine Learning   28 

Stefano De Gaspari, Elena Sajno, Daniele Di Lernia, Giulia Brizzi, Maria Sansoni and Giuseppe Riva 

5. Eye-tracking and Virtual Reality-based Attentional Bias Modification Training to Improve Mirror Exposure Therapy: Preliminary Findings From a multiple case study with Anorexia Nervosa patients   33 

Mariarca Ascione, Marta Carulla-Roig, Helena Miquel, Franck-Alexandre Meschberger-Annweiler, Eduardo Serrano-Troncoso, Marta Ferrer-Garcia and Jose Gutierrez-Maldonado 

6. XAI in Affective Computing: A preliminary study   40 

Elena Sajno, Alessio Rossi, Stefano De Gaspari, Maria Sansoni, Giulia Brizzi and Giuseppe Riva 

7. How many degrees of Emotional Separation are there between Real and Virtual Nature? A pilot study   47 

Eleonora Diletta Sarcinella, Alice Chirico, Valentina Mancuso, Marta Pizzolante, Vittorio Murtas, Vittorio Lauro, Sabrina Bartolotta and Andrea Gaggioli 

8.  Virtual Reality Social Platforms for Online Synchronous Learning in Higher Education: A Mixed-methods Exploratory Study   53 

Anna Flavia Di Natale, Claudia Repetto and Daniela Villani 

9. Using 360° Video in Psychometric Assessment of Cognitive Functions: SemApp and its Usability data   59 

Francesca Bruni, Valentina Mancuso, Francesca Borghesi, Pietro Cipresso and Elisa Pedroli 

10. Exploring the Effect of Different Hints on Flow State in Virtual Reality   63 

Elena Palombini 

Section IV. Original Research 

11. The Impact of Creative Virtual Reality on Decision-Making and Emotion Regulation   72 

Ilaria Durosini, Silvia Francesca Maria Pizzoli, Milija Strika, Martina Marchesi and Gabriella Pravettoni 

12. Body Dissatisfaction and Self-Disgust as Significant Predictors of Body-Related Attentional Bias. A Virtual Reality and Eye-Tracking Study   76 

Franck-Alexandre Meschberger-Annweiler, Mariarca Ascione, Julia Prieto-Perpiña, Chiara Verdesca, Marta Ferrer-Garcia and Jose Gutierrez-Maldonado 

13. Allocentric Full Body Illusion extends Peripersonal Space   83 

Giulia Brizzi, Maria Sansoni, Elena Sajno, Stefano De Gaspari, Daniele Di Lernia and Giuseppe Riva 

14. URBAN GAMERS LAB: Techniques and Tools to Develop Transversal Competences and Life Skills in Educational Context Using Technologies   89 

Martina Benvenuti, Valentina Gianfrate, Catia Prandi, Martina Bambi, Andrea Cattabriga, Matteo Gambini, Samuele Bertani, Mariacristina Marzano, Francesco Savito, Paolo Scaccia, Elvis Mazzoni and Tommaso Zambon 

15. The Iranian Adolescents’ Increased Net Surfing and Sexual Behavior During Covid19 Pandemic: A Quantitative & Correlational Study   95 

Nicole Jafari, Pantea Nili, Mojdeh Asadi, Sahar Anvari and Zohreh Moghadam 

16. IAVRS – INTERNATIONAL AFFECTIVE VIRTUAL REALITY SYSTEM: Validating 360-Degree Videos for Emotions Elicitation   100 

Valentina Mancuso, Francesca Borghesi, Francesca Bruni, Daniele Dragoni, Alice Chirico, Pietro Cipresso and Elisa Pedroli 

17. Look at me, I am here! A Diary Study on Parental Phubbing and Children’s Delay of Gratification   104 

Agata Błachnio, Oleg Gorbaniuk, Paweł Kot, Aneta Przepiórka, Milena Chmielik and Małgorzata Sobol 

18. On the Importance of Social Touch for Senior Individuals and Ways to Ameliorate Social Isolation: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic   111 

Ans Tummers-Heemels and Wijnand Ijsselsteijn 

19. "Being Immersed in Aesthetic Emotions": Comparing immersive Vs. Non immersive VR in Aesthetic Emotions Elicitation   117 

Marta Pizzolante, Eleonora Diletta Sarcinella, Francesca Borghesi, Sabrina Bartolotta, Andrea Gaggioli and Alice Chirico 

20. Digital Self-Harm: Examining Emotionally Unstable Personality Traits and Non-Suicidal Self-Injury as Predictors    124 

Daniel Shao and Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar 

21. DUAL-Rehab: Dual-task meets 360° Technology in an Innovative Instrument   132 

Francesca Bruni, Valentina Mancuso, Silvia Cavedoni, Silvia Serino and Elisa Pedroli 

22. The Brain at Play: Investigating Motivational Factors and Perceived Effects of High-level Problem-solving in Video Games   138 

Stefano Triberti, Giulia Brizzi, Cristiana De Santis and Maria Concetta Carruba 

Section V. Clinical Observations 

23. App-Based Intervention for Female Orgasmic Disorder in Emjoy: A Randomized Controlled Trial   147 

Ariana Vila, Marta Parunella and Maria Sansoni 

24. The Electrodermal Activity of Children with ASD in Virtual Reality Tasks Resembling Regular Actions   155 

Maria Eleonora Minissi, Lucia Gómez-Zaragozá, Luna Maddalon, Javier Marín-Morales, Fabrizia Mantovani, Marian Sirera, Luis Abad, Sergio Cervera-Torres, Irene Alice Chicchi Giglioli and Mariano Alcañiz 

25. Prediction of the Dosage of the Electric Stimulus Needed for Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) based on Patient’s Pre-ictal EEG using Artificial Intelligence   161 

François-Xavier Roucaut, Cyrus Kalantarpour and Usef Faghihi 

26. Virtual Standardized Patients for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training: Description of Platform Architecture   164 

Thomas Parsons, Patrick Kenny, Timothy McMahan, Allison Wilkerson, Kristi Pruiksma and Daniel Taylor 

27. An Online Psychological Intervention focused on Body Compassion in Breast Cancer Survivors: A Pilot Study   170 

Valeria Sebri, Ilaria Durosini and Gabriella Pravettoni 

28. Therapists are Makers: Virtual Reality and Virtual Environments Creation Capability for the Treatment of Rare Cases of Phobia and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders   174 

Eric Malbos, Raphaëlle Richieri and Christophe Lançon 

29. Healthcare Professionals’ Attitudes Towards Virtual Reality for Cancer Patients   180 

Milija Strika, Ilaria Durosini, Valeria Sebri and Gabriella Pravettoni 

30. Looking Through Your Eyes: Using Immersive Virtual Reality to Promote Well-Being among Cancer Survivors and Their Partners   185 

Maria Sansoni, Giulia Brizzi, Ariana Vila, Henar Guillen Sanz, Federica Strocchia, Stefano De Gaspari, Elena Sajino and Giuseppe Riva 

Section VI. Work In Progress 

31. New Horizons for Neuropsychological Assessment: a Novel Platform for Building Cognitive Tasks with 360-degree Videos and Images   194 

Valentina Mancuso, Francesca Bruni, Francesca Borghesi, Pietro Cipresso and Elisa Pedroli 

32. GALA Inspired by Klimt's Art: Image-to-text Processing with Implementation in Interaction and Perception Studies: Library and Case Examples    200 

Andrey Vlasov 

33. All-around Mental Flexibility: Psychometric Tool based on Ecological Immersive Situations   206 

Francesca Borghesi, Valentina Mancuso, Francesca Bruni, Elisa Pedroli, Alice Chirico and Pietro Cipresso 

34. Can Virtual Reality Best Assess Peer Exclusion Affecting Mood and Emotions within an Experimental Design?    212 

Giuseppe De Luca, Martina Benvenuti, Friederike Blume, Dieter Baeyens and Elvis Mazzoni 

35. Web-based Mental Imagery: a Feasibility Study with a Brief Guided Exercise   218 

Silvia Francesca Maria Pizzoli, Valeria Sebri and Gabriella Pravettoni 

36. A Mobile Application to Train Attention Processes after Traumatic Brain Injury: Rational, Design and Feasibility Evaluation   222 

Frédéric Banville, Roxanne Laverdière and Philip Jackson 

37. Feasibility of Virtual Reality Environments Use in Reduction of Dental Anxiety during Treatment   228 

Filippo La Paglia, Ludovico Belluardo, Rosa Lo Baido, Brenda Wiederhold and Daniele La Barbera 

38. Promoting Emotional and Psychological Well-being of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Feasibility Study Combining Virtual Reality and Savoring    233 

Elisa Pancini, Alessia Fumagalli, Sveva Maggiolini, Clementina Misuraca, Davide Negri, Elena Rizzato, Luca Bernardelli and Daniela Villani 

39. Awareness Integration Theory: A Comprehensive Telehealth and Virtual Psychotherapy Tool for the Treatment of Anxiety and Depression   239 

Foojan Zeine and Nicole Jafari 

40. Using Virtual Reality to Improve Nurses’ Students’ Clinical Surveillance in a Critical Care Context: A Psychological Perspective on Learning   245 

Frédéric Banville, Daniel Milhomme, Annie Perron, Josyane Pinard, Julie Houle, Dominique Therrien, Gabriela Peguero-Rodriguez, Sylvie Charette, Bob-Antoine Menelas, Mylène Trépanier and Stéphane Bouchard