Volume 14 - Summer 2016

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Preface v

Brenda K. Wiederhold, Giuseppe Riva and Mark D. Wiederhold, Gráinne Kirwan


Being Different: The Transformative Potential of Virtual Reality 3

Giuseppe Riva, Brenda K. Wiederhold, Andrea Gaggioli

Critical Reviews

The Game Transfer Phenomena framework: Investigating altered perceptions automatic mental processes and behaviors induced by virtual immersion 9

Angelica B. Ortiz De Gortari

Online Behavior: Interdisciplinary Perspectives for Cyberpsychology 16

Alexander Voiskounsky

A Conceptual Model of Factors Leading to the Digital Exclusion of People with Neurodevelopmental Disorders 23

Claude L. Normand, Dany Lussier-Desrochers, Stéphanie-M. Fecteau, Valérie Godin-Tremblay, Marie-Ève Dupont, Jeannie Roux and Alejandro Romero

Cybertherapy: a scientific model? A text mining analysis of published abstracts 30

Lise Haddouk and Brice Gouvernet

Evaluation Studies

Networked Flow in Blended Learning Settings: a Longitudinal Mixed-Method Study 39

Carlo Galimberti, Alice Chirico, Eleonora Brivio, Fabiana Gatti, Elvis Mazzoni, Giuseppe Riva ,, Luca Milani, Carla Mazzoleno, Elisa Albertini, and Andrea Gaggioli

Efficacy of a digital education program on Life Satisfaction and digital self efficacy in older adults: A mixed method study 45

Eleonora Brivio, Silvia Serino,, Carlo Galimberti and Giuseppe Riva

Where is the Virtual Self? Virtual Worlds and the Self as a Cyborg 51

Simon Evans

E-mental health on-campus: College students' views of online help-seeking 58

Gillian Karwig, and Derek Chambers

Online Counselling: web-conferences as new “trusted setting” for psychological support 64

Davide Algeri , Sara Gabri, Luca Mazzucchelli, and Alessandra Micalizzi

Original Research

Impact of Distractors on Executive Control in Older Adults: Construct-Driven and Function-Led Approaches to Neuropsychological Assessment 71

Thomas D. Parsons, Michael Barnet, and Timothy Mcmahan

Inside and Outside the Self. Virtual Reality and Repertory Grids in the Spatial Analysis of Anorexic Patients’ Meanings 78

Clelia Malighetti, Silvia Serino , Giuseppe Riva and Sabrina Cipolletta

Cognitive Styles Specifics of Adult Computer Gamers 84

Nataliya V. Bogacheva

3D virtual environment for empirical research on social pain: Enhancing fidelity and anthropomorphism in the study of feelings of ostracism inclusion and over-inclusion 89

Eva Venturini, Paolo Riva, Francesco Serpetti, Leonor Romero Laura, Federica Pallavicini, Fabrizia Mantovani, Renee Cloutier, Fred Mcmahan , Kiefer Stonecipher and Thomas D. Parsons

The Role of School Climate on Willingness to Seek Help for Bullying 95

Irene Connolly and Ciara Corcoran

Mutual Rule-Shaping with Parents to Form Adolescents’ Healthy Smartphone Use 102

Jimin Rhim , Seyeon Lee, Seul Lee , Jung Whan Na and Young Yim

An Investigation Into Anxiety In Virtual Reality Following A Self-Compassion Induction 109

Vincent Ryan and Robert Griffin

Cyberharassment and Cyberbullying; Individual and Institutional Perspectives 115

Emma Short, Antony Brown, Jim Barnes, Marc Conrad, Zhraa Alhaboby, Melanie Pitchford, Liesl Conradie, Gavin Stewart and Alexandra Dobocan

Examining the Role of Facebook in College Social Adjustment for First Year Undergraduate Students 123

Audrey Stenson and Irene Connolly

Using and Intending: how personal intentions can influence the User Experience of interactive technologies 130

Stefano Triberti, Andrea Gaggioli and Giuseppe Riva

Clinical Observations

Cue Exposure Treatment through Virtual Reality Reduce Cigarette Craving in Real Life Environments 137

Irene Pericot-Valverde, Marta Ferrer-Garcìa, Joana Pla-Sanjuanelo, Roberto Secades-Villa and José Gutiérrez-Maldonado

Virtual Reality Environments to rehabilitation Attention deficits in schizophrenic patients 143

Filippo La Paglia, Caterina La Cascia, Rosalinda Rizzo, Margherita Sanna, Flavia Cangialosi, Lucia Sideli, Antonio Francomano, Giuseppe Riva and Daniele La Barbera

The potential of virtual reality technologies to support people with an autism condition: A case study of acceptance, presence and negative effects 149

Nigel Newbutt, Connie Sung, Hung Jen Kuo and Michael. J. Lehay

Using virtual reality for cue-exposure therapy in a case of bulimia nervosa 155

Joana Pla-Sanjuanelo, Marta Ferrer-Garcìa, Ferran Vilalta-Abella, José Ferrer-Garcìa, Alexis Andreu-Gracia, Antonios Dakanalis, Neli Escandòn-Nagel, Fernando Fernandez-Aranda, Osane Gomez-Tricio, Joan Ribas-Sabaté, Giuseppe Riva, Isabel Sànchez and Virgínia Tena

Virtual Reality Therapy for the Treatment of Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Case Report 10 Years Post Combat Deployment 161

Dennis Patrick Wood, Brenda K. Wiederhold, Mark D. Wiederhold, James L. Spira

Work In Progress

Transformative Interactions: Designing Positive Technologies to Foster Self-Transcendence and Meaning 169

Andrea Gaggioli, Alice Chirico, Stefano Triberti and Giuseppe Riva

Online and Offline life: key factors for a functional use of the Internet 177

Martina Benvenuti and Elvis Mazzoni

Identifying Psychological Themes in the Legend of Zelda Video Game Franchise: A Dissemination 183

Derek Laffan

Group Aggression and Bullying through Complex Systems Agent Based Modeling 189

George Mudrak and Sudhanshu Kumar Semwal

Brief Communication

User Experience of BenEssere Mamma, a pregnancy app for women wellbeing 195

Claudia Carissoli, Daniela Villani, Stefano Triberti and Giuseppe Riva

Classifying Different Types of Augmented Reality Technology 199

Amanda Edwards-Stewart, Tim Hoyt and Greg M. Reger

Patients’ expectations and satisfaction towards an Internet-based treatment for flying phobia: preliminary data 203

Daniel Campos, Soledad Quero, Juana Bretòn-Lòpen, Sonia Mor and Cristina Botella

Enhancing Well-being During the Pregnancy: Protocol of an Innovative Positive Psychology Intervention Addressed to Brazilian Pregnant Women 207

Giulia Corno, Geissy L. L. Araújo, Priscila Palomo, Gabriela V. Simabucuru, Elizabel S. R. Viana, Maria Bernardete C. Sousa, Marcelo M. P. Demarzo and Rosa M. Baños

Virtual Reality vs Television vs Web Exposure: The impact on Brand Experience. A preliminary study 211

Sofia Scatena, Gian Nicolò Russo and Giuseppe Riva

Mixed Reality Therapy: Presentation& Experience In Applied Psychology 215

John Francis Leader

Risks and Benefits of Internet Use by People with Neurodevelopmental Disorders 219

Claude L. Normand and François Sallafranque St-Louis

Persona: A Digital Identity Amongst Many Selves 223

Oscar Milik

Virtual memory palaces to improve quality of life in Alzheimer's disease 227

Kasper Bormans, Keith Roe and Dirk De Wachter

Serious Games in Group Help to Evaluate the Risk of Suicide 233

Xanthie Vlachopoulou and Lise Haddouk